We serve the most demanding clients in the world. Whether Pritzker Prize © winning architects, or award winning developers, our clients have come to expect the finest product, the latest finishes and our unparalleled service. They have come to trust and depend on our construction, fabrication and delivery as well as an unparalleled quality to price ratio. We know and love wood. Let us show you how we can leverage that to your ends.


Size does matter. You have to know wood to deliver longer and wider planks and still provide dimensional stability. Our XXL range is made possible through a deep and thorough understanding of how wood works and performs, combined with a significant investment in technology and know-how. Sourcing the right species from the right forests we are able to provide lengths up to 14' and widths up to 18". Our 'French cut', features cathedral graining in the center and rift or quartered shoulders. This combined with balanced construction allows dimensional stability even in our largest planks.


Our sourcing is second to none. We have developed age-long relationships with foresters the world over who are respected for their husbandry and for the quality of their product. These relationships result in woods that have greater color uniformity and clarity. We also strive to minimizing sap content to improve color. Our thorough hand selection process categorizes each plank according to its unique character, enabling us to provide you with a consistency within your product selection. Our level of precision and consistency is unique. It begins in the forest and ends with our on-time delivery.

An unparalleled team

Our partners are the finest in the world. We share a passion for our product and for the way it is delivered to you. We anticipate your needs and have designed our products and services to surprise and delight you. Like any world-class team, we work together to leverage our individual know-how and talents to exceed your expectations every time. In Vision Wood, you will discover a friend in the wood business who is committed to making you look good every time. 

The latest technology 

We believe in technology. We know that strategic and sustained investment in the finest machinery and software is the only way to meet the level of quality, flexibility and delivery our customers demand. Collectively and individually, our team has made significant investment in our means and process of  production. One of the many fruits of this pursuit is a range products with increased durability that is more affordable both environmentally and economically. Another is an innovative means of production and delivery which sets industry standards.


A tradition of innovation

Innovation has been our commitment for generations. It shows in our product range which borrows from traditions that are thousands of years old, yet are developed in ways that are cutting edge. Our commitment to research and development allows us to keep pushing the possibilities and opportunities inherent in our product. Our approach to team building and partnership development engenders best practices in all aspects of our business and delivery models.