Our passion is what defines us. It is what keeps us looking for new products and methods and what keeps us striving for better services and feedback. We have searched the earth for the most talented craftspeople, latest technologies, relevant finishes, best practices and innovations. We have brought all our findings, resources and services together as a single brand which is determined to be your single source for all things wood of quality. Let us be your friend in the wood industry.

Bringing the world to you

Woods are different. Even the same species will differ significantly depending on where it is grown. European Oak, for example is more uniform and lighter in color as well as being larger than American Oak. We source the finest European oaks exclusively to provide our 18" wide planks that can be up to 14' long. Our sourcing relationships have been established over decades, so whether you are interested in Chestnut from Northern Spain or Douglas Fir from Poland, you will know you are getting the finest and most sustainably harvested and expertly milled products available.

Preserving traditions

Wherever we work, we work with the finest. Our sourcing expertise begins with selecting the right trees, harvested in the most sustainable way. Our woods are then cut in ways that maximizes their beauty, longevity and dimensional stability. They are kiln dried slowly to improve coloration and durability. They are then milled and finished using traditional techniques which have been passed down from generation to generation. We are proud to leverage know-how that has developed over centuries. At the same time, we are committed to evolution and experimentation to sustain another tradition; that of innovation.

Woods of the world


Wherever fine woods are harvested sustainably, we are there. We love the diversity of the world's species and have developed ways to engender the character and qualities of each species. Walnut, for example is admired for its beauty but is prone to silvering in the sun and to scuffing and scratching. We deliver Walnut floors which will outperform any wood, both in resistance to wear and UV discoloring. This is just an example of how we leverage our know-how to bring you the finest.



Working with traditional techniques, combined with high-tech materials and machinery, we are on the cutting edge of finish technology. We use heating techniques to emphasize natural coloration and provide deeper richer colors all the way through the wood. We have developed high performance finishes which enhance durability and resist staining. We also have invented unique finishes which make wood look unfinished or opalescent. Discover what our R&D can mean for you and your projects.


Research & Development

Each piece of wood is natural art. We work with artists, scientists, technicians and machinists around the world to experiment and enhance wood's natural characteristics and beauty. So, whether working with SAABs Aerospace team in Gothenburg, Sweden on robotic machinery, expert finishers in Austin, Texas on distressing, developing new fishes and cutting techniques with craftsmen in Santander, Spain or collaborating with artists in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are constantly pushing the limits of what is possible.