Our environment and our community

At Vision Wood we are passionate about our product, its impact on our community, the environment and the end user. As such we have enforced strict codes and regulations in the way the wood we source is cut and milled as well as in the products we use to construct and finish it. We also care deeply about our community and hope to have a positive impact upon our neighbors and beyond. Read a little about how we certify that our products and our business have a positive impact below.

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As a company and as a series of individuals, Vision Wood has always considered giving back to be both a responsibility and an opportunity. We are involved with initiatives which foster environmental awareness and have positive impact on the future of our communities. The Rural Studio program at Auburn University is an example of a program we are working with to improve people's lives and give back to our communities.



The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization founded in 1933 to promote responsible management of the world's forests. We only use woods that are 100% certified to meet or exceed the standards set by the FSC.



VOC Free of NOVOC refers to methods, techniques and materials that are safer, more environmentally friendly and healthier for the end user. Our products meet these standards and in many cases exceed them. Learn about the importance and impact of this level of certifications below.